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Not very impressed with the service from "Jasmin blond massage" - one handed massage lol!

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I have had "Jasmin blond massage" on my radar from quite some time as I really like her pics and looks like she has an amazing body.

So I finally made the choice to go and see her after speaking to her on the phone that she would do massage, sex and oral at a higher price.

Got to her place which is above a parade of shops in the Harrow area and then could not get through to her.  After a few more call she answers telling me to wait 15 min and then 15 min later could not get through to her again.  As I was about to call it a day she calls and then instructs me to her door number.

Once inside she seemed a bit cold and had changed he initial service list to just massage and hand relief.  I then mentioned that she said she would do more but then also said that I could leave if I wanted to.  Now, since I had already been waiting for a while I settled for a massage but what a mistake!  It was virtually a one handed massage while she watched tv for one whole hour!

On the flip and wanked me off while a played with her ass.

I think that it could have been a good punt if she was more enthusiastic but then again having looked at her profile after ages she still has 0 ratings <?>

Not going back.............

"Jasmin blond massage" - http://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3448528



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