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How to write a good punting review?

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Hey guys, let talk about what makes a good punting review so that it helps everyone make a good decision.  Feel free to reply if you want anything change or have any other ideas that make a good review.

Here is the format I think is best and what title and tags to use:

1. The title: [Service Provider Name] + [Location/Town/Area/Street] + [Postcode] + [Price/Time] + [Your Text]

2. Tags: Select the most appropriate tags for your review, however must choose whether it is a positive, neutral or negative review



3. After picking your tags select one as a prefix especially if writing a review this must be either the positive, neutral or negative review tag



4. Write about how you found the service provider

5. Add link to service provider

6. Add image of service provider

7. Where you met service provider

8. How much you paid and for how long

8. About the service provider, looks, personality, service

9. The story on what you did, how you enjoyed the punt and how you left (happy, smiling, angry?)


Your comments are welcome...........



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