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  2. I have had "Jasmin blond massage" on my radar from quite some time as I really like her pics and looks like she has an amazing body. So I finally made the choice to go and see her after speaking to her on the phone that she would do massage, sex and oral at a higher price. Got to her place which is above a parade of shops in the Harrow area and then could not get through to her. After a few more call she answers telling me to wait 15 min and then 15 min later could not get through to her again. As I was about to call it a day she calls and then instructs me to her door number. Once inside she seemed a bit cold and had changed he initial service list to just massage and hand relief. I then mentioned that she said she would do more but then also said that I could leave if I wanted to. Now, since I had already been waiting for a while I settled for a massage but what a mistake! It was virtually a one handed massage while she watched tv for one whole hour! On the flip and wanked me off while a played with her ass. I think that it could have been a good punt if she was more enthusiastic but then again having looked at her profile after ages she still has 0 ratings <?> Not going back............. "Jasmin blond massage" - http://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3448528
  3. Hi John Well I guess that depends on one thing, how long has she been active for? So the girl is new to the system and has no feedback but I like the look of her I might take the risk and see her. This is also called "taking one for the team" or TOFTT, however if she has had her profile for ages without any feedback then maybe give it a miss. From experience if she has been on the system for ages and no one has written a review then she probably is not all that to cause a punter to take his time to write a review about her.
  4. Searching the girl on website like AW there are plenty with 0 rating but some of them look so tempting. I suppose someone has to see them, under what condition would you give a zero rated girl a go?
  5. Hi all, will kick off this new site with my first review and it is not a good one! Was searching on AdultWork and had come across this profile many times but did not make a booking. On this day the girl I wanted to punt was very busy and then came across Your Love again, http://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2880941 Her pictures looked tempting and since she is not that far away made a booking to see her for one hour. Got to the location which is a end of terrace house based quite close to the train station in Hayes and a fairly stiff woman opened the door which was her and she took me to a dark room. She was nothing like the pictures and was wearing a robe but I still went for the punt as I could not be bothered to look around being a Saturday and the girls being very busy. After £80 payment she put money outside the door for some guy to collect, came back took off clothes, for her age she has an alright body, big boobs and a odd face. Basically not much chemistry but lay on the bed, rubbed her tits on my body, covered me up and then sucked me off. She then mounted me and bounced on me which I then had to manage by lifiting her ass up and down so that she fucks me. Made her do reverse cow girl and then cum inside her, then she cleaned me up. For round two more boob play, hand job, oral and then would not let me fuck her doggy, so did her mish and then a mixture of hand job and sex came second time. She did try and give good service as the time spent with her went by, however I am giving her a negative based on her intial stiffness, no oral sex without, shallow bouncing up and down and no doggy. Also since her pics looks better I will not be going back.
  6. Hey guys, let talk about what makes a good punting review so that it helps everyone make a good decision. Feel free to reply if you want anything change or have any other ideas that make a good review. Here is the format I think is best and what title and tags to use: 1. The title: [Service Provider Name] + [Location/Town/Area/Street] + [Postcode] + [Price/Time] + [Your Text] 2. Tags: Select the most appropriate tags for your review, however must choose whether it is a positive, neutral or negative review 3. After picking your tags select one as a prefix especially if writing a review this must be either the positive, neutral or negative review tag 4. Write about how you found the service provider 5. Add link to service provider 6. Add image of service provider 7. Where you met service provider 8. How much you paid and for how long 8. About the service provider, looks, personality, service 9. The story on what you did, how you enjoyed the punt and how you left (happy, smiling, angry?) Your comments are welcome........... Thanks
  7. Welcome to the new Punter Talk, your forum resource for: independent escorts, escort agencies, massage parlours and tantric massage therapists in the UK & London. Use our forum to ask for information on various adult service providers, (SPs), throughout different parts of London such as: City of London, Westminster, Kensington, Hammersmith, Hounslow and more. Other parts of the UK like Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh will come at a later stage of the websites growth plan. This forum may not be suitable for all visitors as many of the topics are adult in nature and involve topics related to prostitutions, hookers, call girls, street walkers and paid for sex in general. If you may be offended by topics related to prostitution then you are advised not to join this forum. UK punting is an enjoyable hobby for many services seekers and we hope to bring both working girls (WGs) and punters together to share information in order for both parties to gain a better understanding of the industry. Punter Talk is strictly an information site intended to increase awareness and safety amongst adult people over the age of 18 who intend to have sex in exchange for money. We do not accept any form of advertising or touting on this forum, however we have linked to classified ads sites where you can post escort and massage ads to increase your potential leads. To join this forum you must be 18 years of age or older and not breaking any laws by joining this forum.
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